NBN has purchased over 15,000km of copper cabling in an investment likened to buying steam trains.

Federal Government departments are working to improve the much maligned myGov system.

Researchers say Australia is not facing a gas shortfall crisis.

Evidence from a remote cave on Australia’s north coast has confirmed human occupation of the region 50,000 years ago.

Medical research could already be suffering under Australia’s new visa laws.

Wikipedia has changed its Australian front page to raise awareness of copyright reform.

State education ministers are standing against the Turnbull government’s new school funding model.
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ATO deputy commissioner Michael Cranston has been accused of conspiring to “defraud the Commonwealth”.

A new survey hopes to get a picture of the workers who interact with family violence.
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Plans to expand the cashless welfare card scheme could struggle to pass Parliament.
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The Federal Government is close to introducing new revenge porn laws.

Linda Burney wants the referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution to be “winnable”.
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HMAS Adelaide has been dry-docked as engineers scramble to fix issues from just 18 months in service.

Snowy Hydro is moving ahead with a ‘Snowy 2.0’ feasibility study.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel vehicles like cars, buses and trucks could be to blame for around 38,000 premature deaths a year.
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Australia has purchased two high-performance storage solutions to provide an advanced data platform for researchers.

CSIRO researchers have identified eight potential dam sites in the Northern Territory's Darwin catchment.
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A global treaty to protect human health and the environment comes into force in 90 days, but Australia has still not ratified it.

The AMA says Tasmania’s hospital system has decayed to the point that it is now unsafe.
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Adani has indefinitely delayed a meeting that was set to decide the future of the Carmichael coal mine.
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Experts say we need to ask difficult questions about how to reduce the number of Australian children in out-of-home care.